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The name of  the company is Beach Fashion Ltd. .The  registered  office of the company  shall be situated  in Bangladesh .The objects for which the company  is established are all or any of the following (all objects will be implemented after obtaining  necessary permission from the Gevernment /concerned authority /competent  authority before commencement of the business)

    To set up and carry on the business of Sweaters Garments Industry for making design and fashion of  garments which  will feed garments sector and which is absolutely export oriented and with other garments related business for local and international market as the case may  be and to carry on any business related to garments and textile for dyeing, printing, mercerizing, finishing, calendaring, washing of fabrics.  To set  up industry for manufacturer of knitting ,textiles weaving,  dyeing, printing  and  packaging,  processing, pressing,  cutting , packing,  baling, storing  and  otherwise  generally  manufacturing   and  dealing  synthetic polyester, denim  & rayon yarn , fabrics,  fleece inter lock sweater washing  plant  and mineral water and to produce acrylic  sweater and various  types of readymade Garments, viz. embroidery mens shirt, trousers, baby dresses , jeans pant and shirts, sports dresses, womens dresses, blouses & frock, t-shirt, tank-top of international  standard and designs of export oriented or any other readymade  garments.

  1. To  establish industry for screen print, embossed print, handprint, batik  print, embroidery on all sorts of fabrics ,silks, nylon, rayon,  synthetic cloths,  saree,  lungi, bed sheet, bedcover and to carry on the business of spinning, weaving,  dyeing  , printing, finishing, bleaching, pressing, cutting, packing, baling, storing buying, selling and otherwise dealing in cottons, yarns, textiles and synthetic  fibers. 

To establish, acquire, obtain, import , install and maintain any existing or new factories, mills, plants, machineries or any equipments, parts and accessories that are required for use in any f the aforesaid or allied business and to import raw works and to carry o n the business of buttons, tailors, sweaters, jackets of standard size,  design and quality  made of cotton , woolen , tetron, nylon , silk ,artificial silk , synthetic fibers and also to buy ,sell import, export and other allied products or tailors both agents and suits, designers, clothing, out –fitters, woolen goods ,jumpers and dress in any or all kinds of goods materials , machineries for the local and foreign use.

We are also the Member of Bangladesh Hossiery Association. Our Company is also Registered by the Government of Bangladseh.